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Abbott uses fire analogy to describe budget

“We had a fire, and the budget is the fire brigade”, says Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Origin Ticket Giveaway | 9 News Queensland

Want to be part of Origin history? Make sure you’re watching 9 News Queensland each night for your chance to win tickets to Game One. Join Andrew Lofthouse and Melissa Downes for tonight’s 9 News at 6.00pm on Channel 9. LIKE 9 News on Facebook: Follow 9 News Brisbane on Twitter:

Is the Maori-Australian dream all it’s cracked up to be?

Thousands of Maori are leaving New Zealand for Australia each year, enticed by higher wages and greater opportunity. But with limited access to benefits and an over-representation in low-skilled…

Train Hero | 9 News Sydney

A dazed man accidentally stumbles onto train tracks in Sydney – what would you do? See the selfless act from a hero TONIGHT in 9 News at 6.00pm. LIKE 9 News on Facebook: Follow 9 News Sydney on Twitter: 9 News on Instagram:

Will Australia have the biggest medical research fund in the world?

Joe Hockey says within six years Australia will have “the biggest medical research endowment fund in the world”. ABC Fact Check finds his claim is overblown. Read more here:…

Angry pensioner attacks PM over budget cuts

Gloria, a 67-year-old pensioner, from Warburton, Victoria called 774 ABC Melbourne to quiz Prime Minister Tony Abbott over the budget cuts. Gloria claims she has to work as a telephone sex…

Budget an ‘act of political courage and necessity’

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says his tough budget is not a ‘drastic turnaround’ but instead a ‘very strong medium and long-term shift’.

Indigenous unionists urged to defy budget cuts

Indigenous unionists around the country are being urged to take a stand against the federal budget.

Warren Mundine plays down budget cuts

Warren Mundine says there is nothing more culturally rewarding than having a job and providing for your family. Speaking in Darwin today, the Chair of the Indigenous Advisory Council played…

Train Hero l 9 News Sydney

What would you do if a dazed man accidentally stumbled onto the train tracks? See the selfless act from a hero who has risked his life for others before, TOMORROW in 9 News at 6.00pm. LIKE 9 News on Facebook: Follow 9 News Australia on Twitter: 9 News

Coming up on tonight’s 6.30 bulletin

Ricardo Goncalves previews tonight’s 6.30 World News bulletin.

Gas Prices | 9 News Sydney

Within weeks, gas prices are set to soar by over 17 per cent, just in time for winter. Find out how much you’ll pay and what you can do to avoid the full price rise TONIGHT in 9 News at 6.00pm. See the full report Tuesday 20th May at 6.00pm on Channel 9. LIKE 9


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Hugh Jackman for Showbiz

Hugh Jackman ponders his future as Wolverine while talking X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST with our very own Shelley Lee. For more with Hugh visit:–dinklage-walk-x-men-red-carpet.html

Hockey grilled on political promises by punters

Treasurer Joe Hockey is laughed at after saying he doesn’t think politicians need to lie to get elected, but cheered for remarks about stopping the boats. Read more here:…

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