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August, 2006

GM’s Navigation System

Who wants to stop for directions in the middle of a road trip? Now you won’t have to. General Motors announced that nearly 2 million vehicles in the US and Canada will be equipped with the new OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation system, making it easier than ever to navigate your next road trip. First introduced in […]

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Chrysler serious about DUI

With an estimated 30 percent of all teen traffic fatalities related to alcohol, underage drinking and driving remains a top concern throughout the world. To help raise awareness of this issue, officials from the Chrysler Group and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have created a photo exhibit — After the Crash — that educates parents […]

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When your teen starts to drive

It’s the day many parents anticipate with nervous energy – the day their teen gets behind the wheel on their own for the first time. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the crash rate per mile driven by 16 to 19 year olds is four times that of older drivers. As a result, […]

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Bully Trailer 2

Trailer 2 for Bully – available on October 17, 2006.

LaVar Arrington Sells cars

In this ad for Eastern Motors he tells a guy to “stay down, punk!”

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Eastern Motors Commercial

This ad features LaVar Arrington and some other DC area jocks lipsynching to a local car dealer’s jingle.

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The 2007 Chevy Aveo

Video shows running footage of the 2007 Chevy Aveo

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The new Dodge Challenger

This video shows Eric Ridenour, COO of Chrysler, announcing production of the new Dodge Challenger.

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Win a new Dodge Challenger

Chrysler is running a giveaway sweepstakes where three lcuky folks’ll win a new Dodge Challenger, as well as a Jeep Wrangler and a Chrysler Sebring

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PT Cruiser Pacific Coast Highway Edition

Video of the new 2007 Chrysler PT Street Cruiser Pacific Coast Highway [PCH] Edition

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Buying Certified Used Cars

Americans will buy nearly 17 million new cars and trucks this year. The question of whether to buy new or used will most certainly be pondered by many of us. But if you haven’t been to a dealership in a few years, you might be surprised to learn there’s another option. A cottage industry within […]


The new MINI Cooper

After the success of its original MINI, BMW is reintroducing the series beginning in late 2006 with the new MINI Cooper and MINI Cooper S. In the first half of 2007, the auto manufacturer will also rollout the new MINI One and the new MINI Diesel. The MINI’s first generation change includes an all-new interior […]

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Volvo’s mini-XC90

The Volvo Car Corporation has built a mini-Volvo to help during competitions at the European Athletics Championships in Gothenburg. The car, which is a 1:5 scale model of a Volvo XC90, is being used to transport javelins, hammers or discuses back to the competitors after they’ve thrown them. Volvo Cars does not have any plans […]

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Rockstar’s Finest Volume 1

A video montage of Rockstar Games titles.

Bully Trailer

The Rockstar tradition of groundbreaking, original gameplay and humorous tongue-in-cheek storytelling invades an entirely new setting: the schoolyard. As a m…

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