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July, 2007

Spot the Tot

Kids get killed in and around cars at an alarming rate. This video points out the dangers, especially regarding blind spots, and advises some simple precautionary measures to make sure your loved ones stay safe.

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Ethanol — Food or Gas?

When farmers dedicate acreage to growing corn for ethanol, will that lead to an increase in food prices? This video looks at that question.


Convertible Crash Tests

It’s summertime, and not surprisingly, convertible sales are up. While nothing beats driving around with the top down, exactly how safe are convertibles when compared to a regular car? For the first time ever, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted crash tests on convertibles. To earn the top award, a vehicle had to have […]

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Chevy Volt Electric Vehicle

Robert Boniface, Director of General Motors Advanced Design Studio, gives us a rundown of Chevy’s electric concept car, the Volt, scheduled to go on sale in 2010 — brought to you by

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Justin Bieber playing the djembe

Justin Drew Bieber playing the djembe. Click below to auto-play a 20 minute playlist of Justin’s most popular videos…

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2007 Volkswagen EOS

Car Buyer’s Notebook takes a look at the 2007 Volkswagen EOS hardtop convertible. Sweet!