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December, 2008

Weather Channel Accused of Pro-Weather Bias

Critic claims The Weather Channel shamelessly overreports stories on hurricanes and weekend forecasts at the expense of other news.

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Grand Theft Auto IV – The Lost and Damned Trailer

Coming February 17, 2009 Exclusively to Xbox LIVE.

Aunts, Stepdads Fight For Hot Gift: The Electric Tea Kettle

Across the country, aunts and stepdads are braving crowds to get their hands on the perfect gift for the relatives they barely know.

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President Faces Down Monster In Action-Packed Schedule

The press secretary tells reporters that before the president can defeat the monster, he’ll have to defeat his greatest enemy of all: his own doubts.

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Portable Sewing Machine Lets Sweatshop Employees Work On Go

From our Bangladesh channel: The Smart Stitch is being hailed as a revolutionary garment factory that fits in the palm of your hand.

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China’s Andy Rooney Has Funny Opinions On How Great China Is

The curmudgeonly Poyuan Wei thinks the only thing wrong with the Chinese Government is that they are not tough enough on dissidents.

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NASA Simulator Preps Astronauts For Larry King Interview

NASA instructors offer a firsthand look at the training astronauts endure before they can physically and mentally withstand an appearance on Larry King Live.

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USDA Official Takes Brave Stand Against Interstate Potato Pricing

A deputy assistant at the Department of Agriculture speaks truth to power, condemning proposed changes in Idaho’s potato output pricing structure.

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