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September, 2013

Gillard’s advice to Abbott: ‘Ask Tanya’

Former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard offers incoming PM Tony Abbott some advice on womens’ issues.

Young boy pops Gillard the question on gay marriage

A young boy asks Julia Gillard why she did not pass legislation to allow gay marriage.

Gillard says relationship with Obama ‘could have gone badly’

Former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard says her strong relationship with the US president had an interesting start.

Australia’s relationship with Indonesia: Karen Middleton

SBS reporter Karen Middleton reports from Indonesia on the current situation between Australia and Indonesia. Watch the full 6.30 pm World News Australia bul…

NBN thrusts language learners into Asian Century

A group of year seven students from Armidale’s Duval High School are getting a leg up in the so-called Asian century. They’re using the power of high speed b…

AFL Grand Final parade: Glenn Osborne reports

AFL fans crowd Melbourne to celebrate tomorrow’s grand finale to the AFL season. Glenn Osborne reports from the parade.

My Tattoo Addiction

This episode meets the individuals whose tattoos make them feel whole, from Paul’s facial tattoos to the tattoos Helen and Amy have to help them fit in to a …

Educating Yorkshire

Hadiqa and Safiyyah are unlikely best friends. Safiyyah dreams of becoming an air hostess while Hadiqa wants to be prime minister. But as exams approach, a crisis looms in their friendship. – Billy Kelly

Should organ donation be a gift or enforced? Catholic Billy Kelly donated his wife’s organs after her sudden death, even though some Catholics believe donati…

Boardwalk Empire Season 4: Episode #3 Clip “Roy’s Proposition” (HBO)

Subscribe to the HBO YouTube: Tune in for a new episode of “Boardwalk Empire” every Sunday at 9pm. Only on HBO. Connect with Boardwalk…

NASA Astronaut Talks about Space and Science with Students

NASA DLN broadcasts are connecting students around the country with the live mission operations being conducted by the International Space Station Flight Con…

Interpol Issues Arrest Warrant for British ‘White Widow’

Interpol has issued an arrest notice for British ‘white widow’ Samantha Lewthwaite, at the request of Kenya.

Iran President Calls For Nuclear Disarmament Talks

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani addresses the United Nations general assembly, calling for talks on universal nuclear disarmament.

One Injured In Explosion At Guam Holiday Resort

Reports of an explosion at the Hilton Guam Resort and Spa. Cause of the blast is unknown, but FBI and Homeland security officials are currently investigating…

Nairobi Mall Shootings: Two Explosions Heard

Stuart Ramsey reports from Nairobi, where two unexplained explosions have been heard at the Westgate shopping mall.

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