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Tension grips secretive Mexican sect

A secretive religious sect in Mexico which calls itself The New Jerusalem has been under attack. The frustrated community has watched its schools and buildings being destroyed while authorites have turned a blind eye. Al Jazeera’s Rachel Levin travelled to the remote community in Michoacan state to find out more.

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Ethiopians mourn Meles Zenawi

The body of Ethiopian prime minister Meles Zenawi has been flown back to Addis Ababa. Thousands of people turned out to pay their respects for their leader that died at age of 57 after more than two decades in power. Al Jazeera’s Mohammed Adow report from Addis Ababa.

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Concerns over Indonesia air safety

A boom in Indonesia’s airline industry has meant that the country needs 800 pilots each year. But supply is failing to meet demand as flight schools in the nation are only able to train 350 people annually. As a result, pilots lacking sufficient qualifications are being fast tracked through the system without meeting appropriate safety […]

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South African miners’ village fury at deaths

South African opposition politicians are calling for the government to be held responsible for last week’s violence at a platinum mine. A total of 44 people, including 34 shot by police on Thursday, have died after protests for better working conditions and pay turned violent. At Wonderkop mining village, where most of the miners who […]

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Obama’s ‘smart power’ yields mixed results

President Barack Obama has tried to distance his politics from previous administrations with a policy called “smart power”. Officials say “smart power” is an investment of time and money in defence, diplomacy, and development and is not a diversion from tackling major crises. However, this method has not always worked. Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan reports […]

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Forest fires burn across Europe

One of the hottest European summers on record has sparked fires across Spain, Croatia, and Greece. The blistering temperatures, combined with high winds, have destroyed thousands of hectares of land in the three countries. Al Jazeera’s Peter Sharp reports.

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Malaysian economy continues to thrive

As the economic recession continues to bite Europe, in Malaysia the economy is on track of achieving a five per cent growth for the year. Government reforms, a special task force identifying key industries for growth, such as education, health care and approved multi-billion dollar development projects across the country, are policies that have created […]

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‘Hypersonic’ aircraft put to the test

The US Air Force planned a key test of an experimental aircraft designed to fly at six times the speed of sound, or about 6500kph. The unmanned X-51A WaveRider, the military’s latest attempt at hypersonic flight, was expected to reach Mach 6 after it is dropped by a B-52 bomber and takes flight off the […]

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Al Jazeera correspondent reports from Aleppo

Mazen Ibrahim, an Al Jazeera correspondent in Aleppo, said heavy fighting between government forces and rebels continued to rage in several districts on Tuesday.

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News Bulletin 20:00 GMT update

The main headlines on Al Jazeera English, featuring the latest news and reports from around the world.

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More protests at South African mines

At least nine people have been killed at a mine there since Friday in clashes between rival unions. Two of the dead are police officers. They were hacked to death with machetes. Al Jazeera’s Tania Page explains more from Rustenburg.

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Ecuador to decide on Assange’s fate

Ecuador’s president said that he will decide by Wednesday whether to grant political asylum to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Assange took refuge at the Ecuadorean embassy in London two months ago in an attempt to avoid extradition to Sweden where he wanted for questioning over alleged sexual misconduct. Assange and his lawyers are convinced that […]

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Mexico’s drug war hits historic Monterrey

We’ve been reporting how drug related violence has devastated one of Mexico’s largest cities, Monterrey. The neighbourhoods were once lively, but now they’re ghost towns, where the powerful Zetas cartel has set up shop to traffic drugs. In the third part of this series, Al Jazeera’s Rachel Levin visits the city’s once thriving historic centre.

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Illegal guns get an artistic lease of life

Thousands of illegal weapons are recovered in the United States every year, and by law they should all be destroyed. They are molded into steel reinforcing bars that are used to build roads and bridges in the region But not all of Los Angeles’s confiscated weapons are consigned to the firey furnace. Some find their […]

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Damascus district devastated by fighting

The Damascus neighbourhood of Tadamon has been heavily damaged in the battle between rebels and government forces. The area was bombarded as Syrian forces tried to wipe out the armed opposition. Most of the residents have fled from the area. Citizen journalist Matar Ismail filmed this report for Al Jazeera. After the report, the clip […]

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