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Russian fears over WTO membership

After two decades of negotiations, Russia has joined the World Trade Organisation. The lower trade barriers that come with membership will open up new opportunities for foreign businesses. Russian leaders say ordinary consumers will benefit as well because it will lead to lower prices. But economists predict the move will have a negative economic impact […]

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Concerns over Indonesia air safety

A boom in Indonesia’s airline industry has meant that the country needs 800 pilots each year. But supply is failing to meet demand as flight schools in the nation are only able to train 350 people annually. As a result, pilots lacking sufficient qualifications are being fast tracked through the system without meeting appropriate safety […]

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Inside Story Americas – Will Colombia’s protesting workers be heard?

A group of former General Motors workers have stitched their lips shut in a hunger strike outside the US embassy in Colombia demanding justice alleging unfair dismissal for reporting on workplace injuries. Are the rights of workers in Colombia adequately protected under the US-Colombia Labour Action Plan of April 2011? Guests: Austin Robles, David Bacon, […]

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NYPD admits Muslim surveillance “ineffective”

One of the most senior officers in the New York Police Department has admitted that its undercover surveillance of Muslims has not led to any new terrorism leads. The NYPD came under fire in February this year, when it was revealed it was secretly monitoring the daily routines of thousands of Muslims, who were not […]

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Schoolhouse to jailhouse

We look at discrimination in US public schools, as minority students face disproportionate disciplinary actions.

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Stream Leads 21/08/2012

Malika looks at a US high school student’s test for pancreatic cancer and a hashtag expressing frustration with media coverage of Hindus.

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Hostages in northern Mali in plea for help

Al Jazeera has obtained footage of Western nationals taken hostage in northern Mali last year. The three men are urging their governments to secure their release. Reports indicate that al-Qaeda in the Islamic Magreb is demanding the release of certain prisoners in return for freeing the hostages. Al Jazeera’s Omar Al Saleh reports.

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Syrian crisis sparks kidnappings in Lebanon

The war in Syria is kickstarting old sectarian tensions across the border in Lebanon. One powerful Shia clan has kidnapped more than 20 Syrians and a Turkish businessman. The al-Meqdad say they will resume kidnappings soon if they do not secure the release of one of their clansmen being held in Damascus by the rebel […]

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Thousands remain homeless in Assam

Last month’s ethnic riots in northeastern India left dozens of people dead. The violence pitted Muslim Bengali settlers against the mainly Hindu Bodo tribes in Assam state. Al Jazeera’s Bhanu Bhatnagar reports.

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South African miners’ village fury at deaths

South African opposition politicians are calling for the government to be held responsible for last week’s violence at a platinum mine. A total of 44 people, including 34 shot by police on Thursday, have died after protests for better working conditions and pay turned violent. At Wonderkop mining village, where most of the miners who […]

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American terror

We look at rising Islamophobia in the US and what can be done about it.

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Obama’s ‘smart power’ yields mixed results

President Barack Obama has tried to distance his politics from previous administrations with a policy called “smart power”. Officials say “smart power” is an investment of time and money in defence, diplomacy, and development and is not a diversion from tackling major crises. However, this method has not always worked. Al Jazeera’s Rosiland Jordan reports […]

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Forest fires burn across Europe

One of the hottest European summers on record has sparked fires across Spain, Croatia, and Greece. The blistering temperatures, combined with high winds, have destroyed thousands of hectares of land in the three countries. Al Jazeera’s Peter Sharp reports.

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Al Jazeera correspondent reports from Aleppo

Mazen Ibrahim, an Al Jazeera correspondent in Aleppo, said heavy fighting between government forces and rebels continued to rage in several districts on Tuesday.

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News Bulletin 14:35GMT update

The main headlines on Al Jazeera English, featuring the latest news and reports from around the world.

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