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Fernknutschen – Langstrecken-Kussautomat entwickelt

Fernbeziehungen sind grausam – man kann sich nicht sehen, nicht anfassen und nicht küssen. Aber Moment! Das wird jetzt anders. Denn ein Forscher-Team aus Singapur hat einen Weg gefunden, sich auch über die Distanz einen dicken Schmatzer zu geben.

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Das N24-Wetter am 22.08.12 mit Anneke Dürkopp

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Family Life in the Arctic

Part 3: Indigenous people have “harvested” off the land for centuries in order to survive.

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Close Call on the Arctic’s Melting Sea Ice

Part 2: A desperate scramble over a massive crack in the sea ice creates a scary situation.

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Tonga and Tokelau to go 100 per cent solar

A new age of electricity generation is dawning in the South Pacific. Tonga and the New Zealand territory of Tokelau are going solar, reducing not only their carbon footprints, but also their multi-million-dollar diesel bills.

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Scotland Tonight – Alasdair Hay unveiled as national fire chief

Tayside fire chief Alasdair Hay has been revealed as the man who will head Scotland’s new single fire and rescue service. Unions say he will have a challenging job ahead of him making hundreds of millions of pounds of savings amid fears of job losses. Mr Hay spoke to Scotland Tonight’s Rona Dougall about how […]

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Scotland Tonight – Dandy to leave the world of print and move online

Dundee based publishers DC Thomson have confirmed that the Dandy – the UK’s longest-running kids comic – is to go out of print and move fully online. In the 1950s and 1960s the Dandy sold two million copies a week but the circulation now stands below 8000. To reflect on its impending demise, Scotland Tonight’s […]

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Traffic diverted after truck oil spill

Traffic had to be diverted after a truck spilled transmission fluid on a busy road in the Darwin suburb of Parap.

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A look at the seat of Brennan in the suburbs of Palmerston

The Palmerston seat of Brennan is regarded by the Country Liberals as a shoo-in for the party in the Northern Territory election.

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Parties scrap over cost of election promises

The cost of delivering on policy promises has been the focus of Day 16 of the Northern Territory election campaign.

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Burma dismantles barriers to press freedom

Burma has made some mighty changes on the road to a more open society in the last two years. And this week the authorities ended restrictions requiring journalists to have their work censored before publication. Pravit Rojanaphruk is a close observer of Burma. He writes for the Nation Newspaper in Bangkok.

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Unveiling China’s hidden cinema

China has not one but two film industries – one approved by the central government and one that is not. The country’s uncensored independent films are not allowed to be shown in cinemas or on television. Instead, they are screened illegally in cafes, universities and bookshops.

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Les grands titres, les débats, les histoires du jour… Tous les matins en direct, FRANCE 24 vous propose une revue de presse internationale présentée depuis la rédaction. Toutes les émissions: FRANCE 24 L’ACTUALITE INTERNATIONALE 24H/24

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Botten of the barrel

Oil Search MD Peter Botten joins us to discuss the company’s results, oil as a barometer of global activity, and tensions in the Middle East

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Gas swap

Oil and gas giants Shell and Chevron have agreed a multi-billion dollar swap deal on their assets in the Browse LNG project off WA’s Kimberley coast

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